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The story behind Yeats Appliance Dollies

Tom Yeats

Tom Yeats at our original location in Long Beach, CA

Bill Anderson and Dean Bennett

More hard working men!

That's quite a lot of dollies!


Our first delivery truck, using a wooden dolly. Notice the phone # 99!

We would drive to the local train station and fill a car full of dollies to be shipped across country.

Stack em up!

Ready to go!


Our first dollies were made from Philippine Mahogany. This one sits in our office after being restored.

bill n brian2

Bill, Brian & Loy circa 1986

Tom Yeats started this company out of his garage in Long Beach, California back in 1936. He hired a young boy named Bill Anderson, who, at the age of 14 worked twice as hard as any other employee. Tom took Bill under his wing, impressed by his responsibility and work ethic.


When World War 2 broke out, Bill did his part by serving with the Merchant Marines. After the war, Bill returned to Yeats and eventually became a part owner (decades later sole owner). 

The company moved to our current location, Fullerton, in the early 1950's where the company began its growth. Soon, dealer networks were set up and our dollies were being shipped all over the country via freight train.


Though our business and reputation began to grow, our purpose remained the same. Build the best darn appliance dolly in the business, with the best materials, right here in the United States!

Today, we stick to that tradition and continue to make our dollies by hand, with the best materials available. We strive to keep our reputation, as the best dolly in the business. We appreciate your business and look forward to help making your job easier!

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