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The Original Appliance Dolly


"Received my appliance dolly with no issues. Unpackaged and assembled with no issues. Very satisfied with the quality and design, just like I remember from using 40 years ago. Not many company's today can maintain a quality product... worth every penny. Thank you."

-Frank F.

"Hey Yeats and Com Just wanted to reach out and let you know how glad I was to find you're providing replacement parts for our old faithful model 14. It's been with our company for 10 years and is only now starting to show it's age. Thanks for making such a reliable product! All the best."

-Myles A.

"Thanks for getting me the parts I needed for my cart. It’s nice to deal with a company   (people) that actually do their job right. The guy who I talked to on the phone was especially helpful. Unfortunately, I am terrible with names. However, I’d keep that fellow if I were you."

-Andy G.

"This letter is testimony to the longevity of your M7 Dolly. My father bought a plumbing business in our small town in 1962, the M7 was part of the buyout. I was 16 at the time, now 70, I can honestly say the M7 has been used in our family business all these years. It was delivered by train to the local hardware store. The train tracks are gone, the hardware store is gone, but the M7 is still here and being used. Congratulations on such a fine product!"

-Richard P.

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